Wander Woman is an uprising community exclusively dedicated to female travel-enthusiasts from Bangladesh.

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Our Story

Sabira Mehrin Saba founded Wander Woman as a community for Bangladeshi bohemian souls to share their experiences of traveling and making it easier for girls and women to explore the world more. While creating this community, she has been able to break social barriers that have held females back from traveling and inspired hundreds more to follow their wanderlust. Since Wander Woman’s inception in 2017, the community and network has built a network of over 25,000 top profile members and travelers. Sabira’s ambitions and astute leadership skills has brought together a spectacular Core Team with an aspiration to learn and grow. Her tireless effort has brought thousands of Bangladeshi female travel-enthusiasts across the world in one platform where they can whole-heartedly support and cherish each other’s experience.

Meet our team

Wander Woman is led by a powerhouse of fantastic women coming from different backgrounds, all united by their love for traveling! The team consists of the founder Sabira Mehrin, working along with six other Core Team members. Their diverse knowledge, expertise, skills and passion keeps Wander Woman running. From planning to executing, these bold ladies make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Together they search corners of the globe to provide you with the best experience that Wander Woman has to offer! Read more about these amazing ladies and what they do in their bio.

Afrin Shorna
Head of Partnership

I live in this bubble of colors and fantasies, which I turned into my profession as a cake artist.
Belonging to the category of dreamers, travelers, soul-searchers and a misfit to this society, I
found Wander Woman which holds the bridge to lessen the gap between my aspirations and

Humaira Rashid

People say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” this quote
was not relatable before I joined Wander Woman. Having passion for travelling made me crawl
my way towards this travel enthusiast platform, despite having a legal background and a
completely different working mechanism, yet I vouched for the opening. Now my work seems
like a piece of cake. Alhamdulillah, I could not be any happier for having this amazing team to
work with.

Suzana Kamal

Polyglot. Passionate about languages and video making. Love exploring new cultures and
locations. Wander Woman has added valuable insight and perspective to my life.

Talbiah Mirza
Head of Strategy

A creative enthusiast constantly on the search of learning new skills, and pushing new

Tanishaa Arman
Editor in Chief

A desire to explore the unknown sparked my love for travelling and eventually drew me closer
to Wander Woman. Being an overtime dreamer, I love basketball, fire-spinning, reading, writing
and taking gazillion photos of my surroundings. I enjoy meeting like-minded people and this
community has been an inspiration for trailblazers since Day 1. Incredibly ecstatic to be a part of
this exceptional team!

Why Us?

Wander Woman ensures the best travel solution by working with reliable organizations from Bangladesh and beyond since 2017. We love to travel and empowering others to travel makes us extremely happy. Apart from travel services, Wander Woman has also taken unique initiatives such as hosting an entrepreneurial event consisting of 25 female entrepreneurs, peer to peer exchange of travel sim and currency, production of travel merchandise, travel buddy match, anonymous feedback platform and hosted live online sessions for travel queries. This platform has collaborated with more than 100 partners and promoted the work of women-led initiatives in order to empower women from different industries and fields. Wander Woman’s exceptionally notable work has been featured on Dhaka Tribune, The ICE Today, Colors Magazine, WIL Magazine, Shomoy TV, Radio Today, Radio Shadhin and Ekattor TV.

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